"...but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer." 3 Nephi 22:8

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day

Though my father left behind his mortal body and returned to Heavenly Father many years ago, I think of him often. I miss him more as the days turned into months and then into years. He was a very wise man. Even though he did not complete high school or earn a diploma, he was well educated and knowledgeable. He studied and read a great deal. He picked himself up by his bootstraps and learned what he needed to learn to survive in a number of different jobs. He took college courses to excel in a career he came to late in life. He knew an awful lot about a lot of different things.

We had a television when no one else I knew had one. It was black and white and I remember watching the test patterns. My mother put curlers in my hair while I watched tv on Saturday nights. I can still remember when a brand new color television with a record player arrived at our house to replace the old black and white. I had no idea we were getting it!  It was such a thrilling surprise. Again, I did not know anyone who had color tv.

Dad loved computers!  He bought a home computer when it was very expensive and completely unaffordable for most people. He upgraded to newer, better, faster equipment a number of times. I remember when he purchased a printer for over $2000.00. It was a top of the line Qume home printer. He was mighty proud of that purchase. $2000.00 was a fortune to me then and still seems like a lot of money, considering we spent about $50.00 for our last printer and bought it mainly because the ink for our previous printer cost more than a new printer.

Dad would love today's technology. He loved the technology that allowed him to watch video cassettes and eventually DVD's. He had a room with dozens of state of the art gadgets and gizmos to play with in his technology room. He would probably have an IPAD, cell phone, a laptop, and a desktop. And he would enjoy them all!

My Dad could do almost anything!  He could fix and mend and create what was needed. When my Mom and Dad were dating and newly married, they always carried a tire patch kit with them in the car, cuz there was always a good chance they would need it. Dad fixed car engines for many years until the computer age outpaced him. He painted and plastered walls, laid carpet and linoleum, fixed plumbing and electrical issues. One year he installed a new faucet on my kitchen sink for me, when my husband was never home long enough to do it himself.

Dad knew a lot about money. He made a lot of money. And there were times when he lost a lot too. He seemed fearless in his investing. His skill enabled him to provide all that he and my mother needed until the end of their earth life.

My Dad promised my Mom that he would show her the world if she married him. And together they traveled and kept that bargain. I never knew how much Dad liked to travel, but Mother loved it and he loved Mother so he went.

Mother loved music. But Dad, not so much. But he was willing to please her and attended all kinds of concerts, plays, operettas, and musical theatre. Sometimes he sat through a whole performance with his overcoat on and we left the minute the show was over. But when he enjoyed it, the overcoat came off and we did not need to rush out so quickly. He sang duets with Mom, sang in the ward choir, and even sang with Singing K's.

Twas a blessed day when my father's weary and worn out body was able to go home to Heavenly Father and rest. His last days were a struggle as he completely wore out. It was a very sacred moment to sit with him as he took his last breath, knowing what awaited him on the other side.

Though tis sad for me to have him far away from me, my heart is at peace, knowing he served Heavenly Father well. In my mind, I see the sweet reunion with his mother and father and others who had already graduated from this life. And I can hear Heavenly Father say, "Well done," as He welcomed him into His arms.